Why should my practice use a medical billing company?

Time spent on paperwork; learning the ever-changing billing processes and procedures; and the cost of employing an entire administrative staff takes away from resources that could ultimately go towards growing your practice and spending more time with patients. IHM provides the added security of knowing that all claims will be submitted correctly, and in a timely manner to improve your collection turnaround and maximize claim recovery.

Shouldn't we keep the billing "in-house"? Are there benefits of utilizing an outside medical billing service?

We may not be On-Site, but we have the In-Sight. We believe that it is actually beneficial to have your practice physically separate from your medical practice. With the rapid and extensive changes in the industry it is imperative to stay well informed and educated on all the latest trends and changes. Our staff prides themselves in staying up-to-date on all the changes in the health care industry, from the implementation to new policies to the slightest changes in coding. And, unlike other billing companies all our work is done by our employees and not processed overseas. We stay informed so you can focus solely on your patients!

Isn't outsourcing my medical billing costly?

Employees are expensive. Wages aside, employers are faced with the additional costs of matching social security, unemployment, insurance, and other fringe benefits. All of these hidden expenses add to your overall labor costs; not to mention, when your medical biller is on vacation, out sick, or on extended medical leave, you run the risk of seeing your billing and collections suffer.
Outsourcing your billing and collections will save you time and money while providing the comfort of knowing that IHM is working for you all day, every day.

How do we get the patient and billing information to you?

We are capable and willing to receive billing information in just about every methodology available, and we are careful not to jeopardize patient and physician confidentiality. We can tailor the transfer of information to whatever method is convenient for you and your practice. Currently our clients utilize electronic medical records and information transfer, email and fax, secure Dropbox and cloud based services however, we are open to whatever is most convenient for your practice. Sending information via Federal Express, DHL, and the US postal service are some other methods to get us your billing information.

Is IHM HIPAA Compliant?

IHM complies with the highest standards of patient confidentiality. You can rest assured knowing that our staff is trained to uphold all HIPAA guidelines to ensure the protection of all patients and physicians.

How often do you file and submit claims to insurance carriers?

IHM's staff is dedicated to entering all claims into our system to be submitted to insurance carriers the day the claims and all supporting documents are received. We are committed to fast turnaround, minimizing the time between billing and collection.

Does IHM bill patients directly? What about handling out-of-pocket responsibilities, such as, co-insurance, deductibles and patients being paid directly?

IHM is efficient in handling all aspects of billing and collection. We take care of all deductibles, co-insurance, and other patient out-of-pocket responsibilities. All patients are billed directly by our dedicated staff.

Do you transmit claims electronically?

All insurance claims are filed electronically. IHM also handles the submission of secondary claims to insurance carriers, as well as filing all appeals and claim reconsiderations.

Does IHM offer reports and updates on accounts receivables?

IHM can tailor reports suited to your practice so you have all of the information you need, when you need it. Collection and Practice Management reports are sent monthly to keep you informed and up to date.

What about unpaid claims, under paid claims and insurance denials?

IHM has a dedicated team specifically trained to focus on insurance, patient aging reports, and accounts receivables. Often times, these claims require personal attention and care to ensure that your practice will receive maximum reimbursement. IHM takes care of all lines of communication so you can be sure that all necessary steps are taken to correct any unpaid claims, including all follow-ups and appeals.

Does IHM offer legal collections for unpaid balances due?

IHM has developed a systematic approach to take care of past-due patient accounts. Our methods include phone calls, statements, reminder letters, and a pre-emptive out of network process designed to achieve results in a professional and courteous manner. However, if the need arises, IHM has a network of attorneys for formal collections regarding any unpaid balances. You no longer have to worry about chasing down unpaid balances at your practice's expense, when you have IHM at your side.

What types of physicians and specialties does IHM provide services for?

IHM's Professional covers the billing procedures for all major medical specialties. While we specialize in plastic surgery, our team is trained to handle billing for anesthesia, pain management, urology, OBGYN, family practice, orthopedics, oncology, and more. IHM's staff is exceptionally knowledgeable in all current CPT, ICD-1O, and CCI Edit Guidelines, so you know we can maximize reimbursement.

Does IHM offer billing services for surgery centers?

IHM offers billing services for office based surgery centers as well as many other specialty practices. We make sure that your office based surgery center has all proper credentials and ensure that insurance carriers reimburse all necessary costs.

Please contact us to find out more about what IHM can offer your practice.